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Shogi Skype Lessons
thekiyote (957) 2019-11-09 05:20
I'm curious about taking shogi lessons.  I've been playing a bit online for the past couple of years, mostly on ShogiWars (which I find to be a bit more beginner friendly than 81dojo), and battled my way up to 5kyuu on my own.  

My goal is to eventually get to the amateur level shodan.

But I find that it's a bit hard to get steadily better, since, on my own, I don't always know what to study, what mistakes I'm making, or know what areas I should be focusing on.

I'm hoping to find someone that can give me some structure to my learning.  Maybe guide me in specific strategies, assess how I'm learning, and give me some direction that's hard to find in America.

I speak some Japanese, but I don't think I'm comfortable enough to do it in that language, especially for shogi-specific terms, though I do hope to get more comfortable with it as time goes on.

I would like to spend somewhere from $50-$75 per month for half-hour weekly lessons.

Please let me know if you, or someone you know, would be interested in doing this.  I will exchange contact info with you.  

2: whitecat (1957) ☗5☗11☗62019-11-09 18:26
Hello, I'm interested in your post. I would like to hear it in details. I cannot speak English fluently but I may be able to help you with another way, for instance, communite with e-mail. Fortunately, you belong in my club; which is dead though, we can get in touch with sending PM option in the club. If you read the post and have interest in it, could you send me a message with that, if possible with your contact address.
1: Alexei (1749) 2019-11-09 18:18 (2019-11-09 22:00に編集)
Hi.  Are you the same thekiyote on the TBG Discord server?  We can talk on there.

English is my first language and I speak some Japanese too, but not fluently.  Together with the skype lessons, I can structure you a guided study course and have a lot of homework materials to use, and can even give you access to my private Discord server.  I have extensive experience teaching and can give references of some of my students; some of them even reached dan level, when I say dan level, I mean a real OTB level, not like online.