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Why do you play shogi though you have choice to do chess?
kpby2751 (1564) ☗0☗5☗122019-11-27 22:16
What make you want to play shogi?
Could you tell me why you chose shogi?

I welcome whatever you write on forum.

I could have told you,couldn't I?

4: kpby2751 (1564) ☗0☗5☗122019-12-04 15:18 (2019-12-05 10:31に編集)
Thank you for replying for my writing.
What you're saying that it is foolish of us not trying choose both is right,but I just wonder what the difference is between shogi and chess.
3: nexxogen (1424) 2019-12-04 00:39
I don't think this is a valid question actually, especially today when the world has been more connected than ever before in history. Shogi and chess are different games, even though they are similar. Who says that playing one means you're not (or should not be) playing the other one?

It's like asking "why do you watch American football when you've got rugby?" Why not watch both? And why not play both chess and shogi? I wish more Japanese people tried playing chess.
2: kpby2751 (1564) ☗0☗5☗122019-11-30 13:38
Thank you for replying for my writing.

I didn't think of what shogi's handicap is functioning than chess until you write about.
1: Agt (1250) 2019-11-28 08:31
As a former (?) club Chess player:
1. Shogi is much less drawish than Chess
2. Shogi's handicap system actually works, since the strategy of exchanging pieces when you have more of them in order to reach a favorable endgame often doesn't work in Shogi
3. Shogi seems more variant-friendly to me (shameless plug: