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[81dojo Minor-Title] 4th SUPER NOVA [MAX-R1499 and down] 15min+60sec Rated
raidensiratsuyu (2000) ☗14☗8☗42020-01-05 21:21
[81dojo Minor-Title]
4th SUPERNOVA [MAX-R1499 and down] 15min+60sec Rated
Tournament period: 2020-02-01 ~ 2020-03-30 UTC
Deadline: 2020-02-10 22:00 UTC

Limited MAX-R1499 and down (1-kyu ~ 15-kyu), 
Even game, 15min+60sec Rated/ Round-robin Tournament.
New players, COM_players and Supernova title holders
can not join.
☆-How to get your rank (dan or kyu)-
Your rank will be confirmed,
when you're done playing the 5 Rating-games.
✰After accept participation ⇒ Before the event,
R1749 and down 〇 / R1750 and up: Disqualified

This tournament will be held for 2 months.
Displayed time zone: UTC (-9 hours from Japan)
In short: Supernova

◆Schedule arrangement, if necessary, can be done in the match table above. (The opponent will receive an email notification.)
◆ How to make a special game room:
 Your "Create new game room" window in the app will automatically have "Tournament Room" -> "Supernova" option. 
The game must be played in this special game to be counted in the match table.

Game points: 〇□ 3/ △ 2/ ● 1/ ■▲ 0
The winner is the highest winning-points player.
If the tie is the same place.
★Awarded the 81dojo-title "Supernova" to the winner.
And "PRIZE 1000 Dmiles" (Presented by 81dojo).
★Prizewinners: 2nd 300/ 3rd 200/ 4th 100/ 5th 50 D-miles
(Presented by organizer).
2: raidensiratsuyu (2000) ☗14☗8☗42020-01-09 07:34
2020-01-07 1:
1: Reznikov_Ilya (1108) 2020-01-07 00:43
Hi. I'm new to this tournament system. I've only played in correspondence tournaments previously, with 1-3 days per move. Those were on and So, I have several questions on how this tournament is to be held.

1) How do I know when exactly and against whom I am supposed to play? Are we supposed to connect to each other via massager and decide the time? 
2) What if for some reason we can't we can't find the time for the game that would suit both of us? (Different time zones, tight schedule, etc.)

If there is an article in English, answering all those questions, a link would be most appreciated.

Sorry for the trouble.

Respectfully yours,
Reznikov Ilya