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Piece graphics bug?
suija (1361) 2020-01-31 17:46
I didn't log in 81 dojo for a long time, and a week ago I decided to play again. I was fiddling with the options and switched from simplified ryoko graphics to one kanji red promorion (hirez). Now simplified ryoko and a few others are unavailable all of a sudden.

As a side question if I was to make a nicer looking graphics for the board and pieces will some admin care to consider adding them in 81 dojo?
2: suija (1361) 2020-02-02 23:44
I wasn't aware that you can lose you class (if that's what's happening). I have a lot of D-Miles btw.
But the thing is Simplified Ryoko was the basic set that you start with and in that page it says it is available for the regular member(no class).
1: aphirst (851) ☗1☗2☗52020-02-02 23:37
If it's been over a year since you last properly used the site, what's probably happened is that your user class dropped.

By earning enough D-Miles in the current year (or a different amount in the previous year) you qualify for increased user classes that entitle you to additional site features, including the access to the piece styles you've mentioned.

I can't comment on how receptive 81Dojo would be to further piece graphic suggestions, but I do know that there's a set made by user CouchTomato that are used on pychess-variants called "1-kanji guided" that preserve kanji, but distinguish pieces by colour, and indicate their movements via subtle patterns in the coloured backgrounds.