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New Malaysian Player
Rectorez (1100) 2020-02-26 23:35
Greetings from Malaysia!

Just a 19-year-old university student here who picked up Shogi about a week ago and it's really interesting. The reinsertion of pieces really makes all the difference in games. Not good at it, with tons of careless mistakes and all, but I hope to learn from my mistakes and get better.

Let's all have fun and get together with Shogi!
2: jienjien (1213) ☗6☗9☗42020-12-06 09:00
Hello, welcome to Shogi. 
1: ramalam (1038) 2020-04-18 17:12
Hi Rectorez,

Maybe we will meet sometime in the dojo.

Good luck with your Shogi!