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3rd-term DarkMatter / Blind, Extreme 15min+60sec NR
raidensiratsuyu (2017) ☗14☗8☗42020-03-22 12:18
【Minor-Title】3rd DarkMatter [Blind, Extreme] 15min+60sec NR
Tournament period: 2020-04-20 ~ 05-20 UTC
Deadline: 22:00 04-30 UTC

Everyone can participate, but COM_players can not join.
"Blindfold mode/ Extreme" 15min+60sec NR/ Round-robin
Displayed time zone: UTC
This tournament will be held for 30 days.
In short: DarkMatter
Please enjoy "Blind game" until the end.

【Settings/ How to play the "Blind-game"】
Before playing the game of this tournament,
Settings: Types of pieces ⇒ Blindfold mode/ Extreme
(And the lowest part ⇒ Check-Box "ON".)
[Blind mode "OFF"...]
Please restart the app.

Game points: 〇□ 3/ △ 2/ ● 1/ ■▲ 0
The winner is the highest winning-points player.
If the tie is the same place.
★Awarded the 81dojo-title "DarkMatter" to the winner.
And "PRIZE 500 D-miles" (Presented by 81dojo).
★Prizewinners: 2nd 200/ 3rd 100 D-miles
(Presented by organizer).

Thank you.