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Tsume from actual games
nexxogen (1453) 2016-11-09 19:04
There was a topic like this on an old 81squareuniverse forum, and it was one of the best. I would like to continue it here if anyone's interested. Here's one from a game I recently played at
3: Berni314 (1694) 2016-11-10 21:30
If you need it.  ;-)

I can also write it uuencoded, for people don't like to read:

begin 644 webutils_pl

And hopefully this link should directly work:
2: nexxogen (1453) 2016-11-10 20:44 (2016-11-10 22:50に編集)
Berni, you're free to write the solution. :D I know this forum lacks the masking feature, but I think it's still OK. :)
1: Berni314 (1694) 2016-11-10 04:43
Nice one.
I also like this topic very much!