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Hello from the Netherlands!
birento (1000) 2020-07-30 03:11
I am a player of "regular" chess, who also tries to learn Japanese. When I found out about Shogi recently, I just had to check it out! Hope I will learn a lot on this site.
3: ThePharmacist (1444) ☗8☗4☗102021-06-21 03:10
2: jtt96 (1103) ☗2☗0☗62020-08-10 06:58
Welcome to 81dojo! I play more go than chess, but I've been revisiting Shogi lately and it really is an extremely interesting game.
1: PrincessMononoke (2019) 2020-07-30 16:54
Hi, nice meeting you! I'm glad if we have fun learning Shogi together:)