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Greetings from anantapur
666bro (1425) 2020-08-08 10:33
Hello everyone myself 666bro(sai) an high school student interested in  playing Shogi. I came to know this game exist after searching about games in internet I am completely new to this game so please advice me where should I start learning? 
1: jtt96 (1103) ☗2☗0☗62020-08-10 06:51
I assume given that you're on this site that you are familiar with the youtube channel of Hidetchi, but if not, that is probably the single greatest English resource for Shogi currently available, with the possible exception of some books, of which there are very few (in English).

I am very very weak at Shogi, but the thing which most helped me to feel some sense of grounding and purpose in my play was studying simple tsumeshogi. I would highly recommend the "Shogi at a Glance" series which has been translated by Hidetchi, though there are also other resources available for Shogi puzzles.

And a proverb from go, though I do not know whether or not it is thought to be accurate within the Shogi community: "Lose your first 50 games as quickly as possible". It means that the most important thing to do when you're new is to play games, even if you lose a lot, because you are building up experience which will aid in understanding more advanced tactics. I don't know if this is true for Shogi, but I definitely feel it is true for go.