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Questions about shogi.
TyanLover (1518) 2017-01-01 01:12
Hello guys, i have any quiestions.
1) Can u recommend me books for shogi,  russian or english language. (with an English textbook, I'll sit and translate many words with an interpreter). But, english books its not promblem. 

2) How long time i need to improve my skills for 1 kyo(or 1 dan). And can  i do it alone? Or need teacher. Just, in my city no one play shogi, and i can play only in internet.

12: captbirdseye (700) 2017-10-14 20:28 (2017-10-15 08:47に編集)
> Apparently, you used to be able to get copies of it on CD,
> but maybe they are all gone now? But, RJ Hare has an 
> edited version of the magazine articles in PDF form that
> you can request from him via email.

At the moment, I am unable to release my (limited) range of transcriptions of (some) of the articles in Shogi magazine because of my uncertainty about the copyright issue. The transcriptions were originally prepared for my own private use. I hope that situation will change at some time in the future - don't hold your breath...

I do know that the paper copies of Shogi magazine are currently being scanned at a higher resolution than was presented on the original CD, so presumably the idea is that at some time in the future a new high-res version of the CD will be available?

I do not know if there are any copies of the original CD left - I will not post the relevant electronic mail address here, but please ask me if you are interested and I will forward your message

> Maybe some folks should write their own books...

Meantime, I have prepared a very basic 'Introduction to Shogi' in PDF format. It is aimed at 'novice' players, and my rationale for producing the document is explained in the Foreword and Introduction. This is freely available on Eric Cheymol's web site:

along with a PDF transcription of 'Introduction to Handicap Play' by Larry Kaufman (Amateur 5-dan). This is copyright material prepared and released with LKs permission.

If you (or anyone else) have any queries about these documents, please feel free to email me at:

rjhare at outlook dot com

> ...two more English books by T Leggett (196?) and E Ohara (1954)...

I think the book by Trevor Leggett ('Shogi - Japans Game of Strategy') was published in 1968. At that time he was the head of the BBCs Japanese service. He also wrote books on Buddhism, Yoga and Judo. A couple of his books have just been re-published by the Buddhist Society.

There is a second edition of the Shogi book, published a few years ago. The last time I looked, both editions appeared to be available in paper and electronic versions (from Amazon, for the Kindle). Unfortunately, the original edition contained errors, poor diagrams and a convoluted notation system which is more or less unusable. The second edition corrected none of these errors, and actually added a couple more! I cannot comment on the Ohara book as I do not (yet) have a copy.

The two best books in English for the new player are almost certainly 'Shogi for Beginners' by John Fairbairn and 'The Art of Shogi' by Tony Hosking. TH also wrote another book '4 Great Games' introducing and comparing Chess, Shogi, Go and Chinese Chess - a super book.

The bi-lingual books by Teruichi Aono are also very good - if you can find copies... 

Roger Hare

11: topstone (1031) ☗3☗7☗02017-01-13 02:34 (2017-01-13 03:11に編集)
Hi, TyanLover,

1) I have no recommendation, sorry.

2) Here is the result of questionnaire "How many hours studied shogi to become 1-dan" at a shogi school in Matsuyama city.

Average of the children who go to shogi school every day : 600 hours.
Average of the children who go to shogi school every week : 1000 hours.

(ref. URANO Masahiko "Studying method to become 1-dan (初段になるための将棋勉強法)", p.167, in Japanese)


I found that your country in your profile is Japan, so, if you live in some city in Japan (esp. near from Osaka), I wish to help you in person. (I can speak Russian a little.)
10: baduljen (1500) ☗1☗2☗72017-01-07 03:34
I have this book in russian:

ISBN 5-17-025062-2

There is a lot about tesuji and a lot of games. It looks good, but my russian is not good enough, that I can really tell :)

9: kmullin (1100) 2017-01-03 02:24
3 English books missing from lordjackes list:

Aono, Teruichi (1983). Guide to Shogi openings: Shogi problems in Japanese and English [将棋定跡のカギ: 和英 定跡問題集]. Translated by Fairbairn, John.

Aono, Teruichi. 1983. Better moves for better shogi [ここを直せば強くなる]. Translated by Fairbairn, John. Ishi Press.

Fairbairn, John (1986). Shogi for beginners (2nd ed.). Ishi Press.

The two Aono books are actually bilingual (and not just translations). So, you can study Japanese with them, too.

There are two more English books by T Leggett (196?) and E Ohara (1954), but they are not worth buying since they give you very limited information. (The Leggett book is readily available online and, in my experience, in American libraries.)

There's also the 'Shogi' journal which was published in the 1970s and 1980s. It has lots of translated articles by professional players. Apparently, you used to be able to get copies of it on CD, but maybe they are all gone now? But, RJ Hare has an edited version of the magazine articles in PDF form that you can request from him via email.

8: TyanLover (1518) 2017-01-03 01:48
Lordjackes, thank you very much for your site.  Its good site. But, will u make infomarmation about joseki?
7: lordjackes (1828) 2017-01-02 21:26
Hi. I don't know any books written in Russian but there are a few in English. You can find a list here.
You can do it alone but only with books it would be quite hard to improve for 1 kyuu. I recommend you visit some websites where you can find more information than just books. 
This youtube channel can be really usefull
Excuse me for the spam but I will recommend you also my site. I upload almost daily new content about shogi.
Good luck!!
6: kmullin (1100) 2017-01-02 14:05
the link:
5: TyanLover (1518) 2017-01-01 18:17 (2017-01-01 18:23に編集)
Margoth, yes i trying to play with  player who stronger than me, 1-5 kyo. And once i play with 10 kyo(in 81 dojo i have 10 kyo), and i won him, but its was my 1 win.

I find books in russian:

Ariёsi Michio, 9-dan first step towards shogi 1995
Masahiko Urano, 7th dan Proverbs shogi 1999
Hiroyuki Iida, 6 dan handicap shogi in Europe in 1993
Tony Hosking, 3 Dan Fez Art Shogi, 1996 Part 1
more difficult
Teruiti Aono, 9 dan best moves for the best shogi 1983
Outi Nobuyuki, 9 dan complete collection of attacks on the edge of 1998
Yasuharu Oyama, 9 dan winning method using protection in 1984
Larry Kaufman, 5th dan Fez handicap shogi 2005

Teruiti Aono, 9 dan joseki 1983 Disclosure of secrets
Madoka Kitao, 1 female given joseki on the fly in 2011
Tony Hosking, 3 Dan Fez From the opening to the middlegame * 1996

Koji Tanigawa, 9 dan Tanigawa rules in the endgame 2004
Koji Tanigawa, 9 dan Lightning fast ёse-5: ёse-tesuji 1996
Koji Tanigawa, 9 dan Arts lightning endgame 1988
Teruiti Aono, 9 dan Art endgame 130 (puzzles) 2006
Takashi Kaneko, ama-RSO "Hiss!" (Puzzles) 1994

professional shogi
Ed. Sima Akira, 8th dan Analysis Technique 1999
Katsumata Kiёkadzu, 4th Dan Riddle disappeared strategies 1995
Katsumata Kiёkadzu, 6 dan stories about the latest strategies in 2009
Sёsi Kazuharu, 7th dan newest joseki.

I think, these book is good.

Margoth, thank u for ur help. But, me very very bad know english, so u cant teach me. Thank u.

But, if we try will be good:)
4: antiquegoblin (1981) ☗0☗0☗02017-01-01 15:24 (2017-01-01 15:33に編集)
速攻!! 次の一手基本集 (ISBN:  9784839937478)

This one is pretty awesome.  Try not to read opening books early on, as without the ability to analyse you might end up blindly following the move sequences.

And I agree with thekiyote that there are more resources written in Japanese than that in English
3: margoth (2362) ☗5☗8☗82017-01-01 11:32
 Hi TyanLover , I think you can find many good shogi books in English from Nekomado shop.

 As for becoming stronger in shogi, I think the progress varies. I know some people who are talented enough to reach 6 dan in 4 years, while others face difficulty achieving a dan ranking even after practicing for a long time. I can only give some general suggestions.

 Firstly, play on a regular basis, if possible choosing opponents that are difficult but not impossible to win against. That helps you to keep focused and take each game seriously.

 Secondly, you need a teacher, but not necessarily a human one. There are many strong shogi AI that surpass even professional shogi players. These AI can help you to go through difficult positions in shogi which will greatly aid your understanding of the game in general. I have been using GPSShogi since 2011 and I highly recommend you to download it. GPSshogi is free and is very strong, so it should help you improve your skills quickly.

I hope this helps you! Also, pm me in 81dojo if you want to practice with me, I am more than happy to help.