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Dealing with the defeat in shogi
ThePharmacist (1270) ☗2☗2☗92020-09-07 12:00
Hi everyone, I'm writing about accepting the defeat in shogi. Since I started to play -five years ago, more or less- the fact of accept the defeat in a shogi game seemed to me very difficult. But with the time I realized this help me a lot to learn to accept my mistakes and then improve my game skills. What do you think about this topic? I understand that this is a demostration of respect for the oponent (please correct me if I'm wrong) but, is there any other reason? 
4: ThePharmacist (1270) ☗2☗2☗92020-09-15 10:24
>>3  akabee

I truly apreciate your answer. Thanks for sharing.
3: akabee (1815) 2020-09-10 22:33 (2020-09-10 22:46に編集)
If we view shogi as just a game, resignation is done when the prospect of winning is gone. Resignation can be difficult for weaker players because it is difficult for them to realize that they are losing.
Stronger players will resign when they are sure they are losing, and I find that gracefulness to be beautiful. This may be a Japanese aesthetic sense.

If we view shogi as a culture, in my opinion, shogi is not only a competition to win or lose. The stronger players try to pursue the truth of shogi, but it is not possible to arrive at the truth of shogi with only one person's opinion. 
Therefore, I feel that strong players are testing ideas with each other and pursuing the truth of shogi. Resignation is admitting defeat, but at the same time, you can know that your ideas are different from the truth of shogi, and that your opponent's pointing moves are indicative of the truth of shogi. That's a great thing for a shogi player. 
In this sense, resignation means respect for the opponent and the refreshing feeling that we have learned the truth of shogi.
2: ThePharmacist (1270) ☗2☗2☗92020-09-09 12:38
>>1  dstn3422
Yes, but accepting defeat is part of shogi manners. I would like to know if for the Japanese there is a cultural reason (for example) or if they think there are other reasons.
1: dstn3422 (1949) ☗8☗6☗62020-09-07 21:01
I do not understand the question. Any other reason for what? Accepting the loss? As you said it will help you improve.