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New Handicaps
Hidetchi (1891) ☗10☗5☗102017-01-15 10:04
I have been doing a study of new handicap systems since last year, and from an experiment it is found that a system where the handicap giver's piece is given to the opponent on the piece stand is pretty much useful.

This system has been added to the options. (I have named the system "Gained"- or "Taken"-system, as opposed to original "Down"-system (落ち-system))

- 2-piece (=Rook+Bishop) Gained Handicap:  This is almost equal to 8-piece (Down) Handicap
- Rook Gained Handicap:  This is almost equal to 4-piece (Down) Handicap
- Bishop Gained Handicap:  This is almost equal to 2-piece (Down) Handicap
- Lance-Gained Handicap:  This is almost equal to Rook&Lance (Down) Handicap

The Gain-system requires much fewer pieces to be eliminated from the handicap giver, making less impact on the board view.
It is also free from any "reverse" effect seen in original Down-system handicaps, where the handicap giver side actually has several "advantages" by getting rid of his own pieces from the board.

Other Gain-system variations will be also added soon. (4-piece Gained, Rook&Lance Gained, etc.)
Please try and see if it's really useful or not.