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Handicap vs pro? WSL?
piplup (1738) ☗0☗0☗02017-01-18 09:46
Hi! what handicap is fair vs a pro? what handicap are the WSL winner vs pro played at?
2: LaIchiro (1960) ☗4☗9☗42018-05-31 05:41
I have played at 81Dojo for a few weeks and got a sense of how each dan means here. 
I would say "Nimai-ochi" (no bishop and rook) would be appropriate for a wide range of players, say anyone from 2-dan to 2-kyu. I recommend "Nimai-ochi" for most people because "Nimai-ochi" is the most popular handicap, its "jyoseki" is well developed, and it is easy to find a textbook for that.
1: lordjackes (1828) 2017-01-18 11:45
It depends on every person level, but for a 1-dan should be a handicap of bishop and rook.