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nexxogen (1453) 2020-12-13 21:12
Those of you who are familiar with might appreciate the fact that there's now. It's a fork of lichess, which means that it's got all those nice things like premoves, moving pieces by dragging etc. and it's got support for analysis, learning, puzzles and so on. It also doesn't allow illegal moves like nifu. And it will always be totally free. Currently there's very few players but I hope eventually it will grow to be the most popular site for casual players who want a fast, smooth experience without a lot of time investment.
7: nexxogen (1453) 2023-12-08 16:59 (2023-12-08 17:01に編集)
There are not many international shogi players who aren't also chess players. A lot of high Dan players on 81dojo who are European are all titled chess players too.

I don't think enforcing tournament rules is a good thing for an online server. This is why Shogi Warz is by far the most popular shogi server, even among Japanese professionals, and it's very casual. On the other hand, 81dojo was made to showcase the Japanese shogi culture as a whole, not just to provide a platform to play, so it's doing its intended job.

As for the technology, it's built on Flex which is no longer used anywhere. Lishogi is much more versatile in things like scaling, adding new piece sets and adding new features.

And yes, you're right, lishogi has existed for about 3 years and it still doesn't have many players on it. But this is also true for pretty much any chess server except and lichess, and chess has an incomparably larger player base around the world compared to shogi. Also, 81dojo used to have between 100 and 200 players at any given moment for many many years, until it got a sudden boost at some point, probably due to some promotion in Japan.
6: calogero (1468) ☗11☗7☗22023-12-08 16:36
about what i telling to chess player,, it's my personal opinion and what i see,  because sometimes i talking with some player or see any comments, and to much of them are normal chess player. 
 81dojo forces you to play like you were in a real-life tournament......maybe,  but i thinking this is something good, 81dojo use  outdated technology... i don't know that, for me 81dojo it's ok, lishogi have 2 or 3 years if i remember  and in that time they don't have to many people,  i thinking it's for something, maybe people don't like to much for any reason, but people it's free to play there or here.
5: nexxogen (1453) 2023-12-08 13:29
The diploma is really not that important. I highly doubt that most people that play on 81dojo care about that.

The biggest problem lishogi has is the small number of players which is why you have to wait for a very long time to get a match.

And I completely disagree that it's only the chess players who use lishogi. This is just your assumption which you don't have any data for. You also can't claim what will or won't change because none of us can really know that.

In my opinion, lishogi is superior to 81dojo because is faster and smoother, and it would work really well with a large number of players. 81dojo forces you to play like you were in a real-life tournament. I don't like this for an online server. It feels more sluggish and it's built on an outdated technology.
4: calogero (1468) ☗11☗7☗22023-12-08 08:24
lishogi have to much stuff to lichess, is not a official site, is not possible to have the diplome like here in 81dojo. 
Lishogi is not a bad site, i thinking have something good, but i use lishogi only for edit or create any image for explain or show something, but not for play. Something good i see in lishogi it's you can block some morons there,  here in 81dojo is not possible, only when you are online but after not. Something more, lishogi have many languages, that is good. In a short time lishogi change so much,  but it's more chess people to use that site, because is the same to lichess, only for this reason. People like more 81dojo and that never change
3: MarcelStressy101 (800) 2023-12-05 07:59
Yes, great Site... but waiting for an opponent takes time, but you can play against computer and bots... and easy for analyses.
2: ThePharmacist (1367) ☗8☗5☗92021-06-13 22:55
I had checked and is very nice!
1: BigBadManners (1020) 2020-12-23 06:35
This is super cool :DDDDDDD lichess has always had a very crisp UI.