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Connection problems to 81dojo?
KillerDucky (1504) ☗2☗6☗62020-12-20 12:49
For the last few days I have problems connecting to 81dojo. I get timeouts, sometimes forever. Sometimes the client loads but some of the piece images are missing. In console I see those images are taking very long (20 seconds!) or just totally timeout.

I don't have problems with any other website, like youtube or ShogiWarz. Sometimes pings to 81dojo show lost packets.

Anyone else have these problems? Could it be a server overloaded issue, dropping requests?
2: KillerDucky (1504) ☗2☗6☗62020-12-30 06:29
It's working better now. Hard to say what was going on.  :(
1: Eskatrem (1650) ☗6☗8☗52020-12-29 20:52
I am also experiencing connection issues as well, getting disconnected in the middle of the game. It may be a coincidence, but I noticed that it happens less when I am using Chrome than when I am on Firefox.