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Hello my name is Ethan(イーサン)
Eth4n (1250) 2020-12-31 06:30
Hello my name is Ethan(イーサン). I am from the USA. I am new to Shogi and have been trying to learn the art of the game and it’s proverbs. Currently I am 0W - 15L , so there is much for me to learn. I am interested in learning different strategies and would like to find a sensei(s) to learn from. I would like to learn traditional Shogi techniques, openings, and attacks ( and the philosophical ideas behind them ). I am currently trying to learn how to play with the Duck Opening and I have been learning the fundamentals of Shogi through YouTube videos.

I hope to learn a lot here. Thank you for having me!

I also hope on joining a traditional Shogi club ( preferably one based in Japan ) that accepts English speakers.
1: ThePharmacist (1278) ☗8☗5☗92021-02-10 12:17
Hi Ethan, if you find info about "philosophical ideas behind them", please share :)