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Great experiences, ideas and dreams for 81Dojo
Jens (1140) ☗2☗5☗72017-02-01 20:00

After I returned back to 81Dojo and Shogi after a 7 1/2 month break, I played 57 games (46 rates, 10 non-rated, 1 handicap) meeting players from no less then 21 counties.
I will start to play my first tournament this Saturday and would like to invite all lower Kyus to join this "rising dragons" uptoR1149 tournament, even if you are still a lame, fireless dragon like me. It is a great chance to meet other low Kyus in rated games.
This is a great place for shogi! Thank you very much to all who make this possible!

I would be happy if more players would stay for post-game analysis. But some 81Dojo veterans have told me that this is not too usual amongst lower Kyus. And I have to state that there are as well a number of situations in which I have to leave soon after the game because of work or other duties.

Ideas and Dreams :
1. Game arrangement in tournaments.
It seems to be a bit strange for me that one player can arrange an official date for a game without the agreement of the other one. For me this feel like unpoliteness although it is surely not meant this way. I think that a lot of players might not dare to change it if they are not able to play at that date. Would it be possible to implement a procedure which allows to suggest a date officially and publically, but only to fix it when the opponent agrees (or do not react within x days)?

2. "Fixed" Tournaments
I see that a lot of games in the tournaments are never played (even in the WSL). The system of giving 3 points to the winner and 1 to the looser is a great way to deal with this. But I would love to have tournaments (not only, but as a possible alternative) with fixed dates and fixed rounds. I know that there is a lot of fluctuation on the internet and majority who do not want to have fixed dates and structures. That`s fine. But may be there are others who would love to visit the Dojo every (for instance) Friday afternoon, just as they would love to visit their local shogi club every week -- if there would be one.

I am dreaming of a "Friday Afternoon Internet Shogi Cafe/Club" at 81Dojo which organizes small (4-8 participants) tournaments or bigger tournaments with a number of smaller groups every Friday with games starting at 3 p.m., 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. CET. Yes I know that CET would not be suitable for a lot of you, afternoons would not be fine for others and Fridays would be impossible for a third group. But it would be no problem to have other similar places like this during other times, organized by others. What do you think? Just an impossible game? Anybody who thinks that this might be a good idea?      

I am dreaming of a kind of teaching partnerships in which Dan players look at the Kifus of certain selected games of active, motivated Kyus from time to time. Such teaching post-game analysis could be done publically, so that other could join in, watching.
4: Jens (1140) ☗2☗5☗72017-02-10 18:48 (2017-02-10 18:48に編集)
Thank you, Hidetchi!
I will try to use this proposing function as soon as possible.

My first experiences with tournament play at 81Dojo are very positive. Meeting other players in a special tournament setting is great. It is a great and very appreciated plus that such a possibility exists at 81Dojo.

A few thoughts which might help to discover possible issues/problems and to develop the tournament and challenging functions:   
1) Contacting the opponent. Language problems (English/Japanese) or "not knowing how and where" might be the reason why some players do not answer at all
2) It seems as if setting a time schedule for a game is usual, even if there is not (yet) an agreement between both players
3) Changing a scheduled time which does not work for me at all needs a bit of courage and an easy attitude, meaning that you should not feel offended by a schedule setting you have not agreed to, but just change it plus asking the opponent if this new time might be ok for him/her.
4) What happens if a player does not show up (or is online, but do not react at all) at the scheduled time, even if he choose that time. I think the easy attitude is good again, meaning to wait 10-15 minutes, then leaving with a not-harsh pn. 

Finally I want to add that tournament organizers obviously can end and close a tournament at any time, even if the official, original registration period is not yet over. I do not understand why. In our case four players showed and all games were played, which is great. But I expected that the tournament will stay open until the end of the original registration period, so that other players can join in later on.
3: Hidetchi (1891) ☗10☗5☗102017-02-05 20:40
Hi Jens,

A new function to only propose a new game schedule (without updating it) has been added.
2: Inho37 (1500) 2017-02-05 13:01 (2017-02-05 13:03に編集)
How do you play shogi on this website? I'm new to this website and I can't seem to find out how to use it. Also, I put my nationality as U.S., but it registered me as Japan, how can I change it?
1: Hidetchi (1891) ☗10☗5☗102017-02-01 22:43
Hi Jens, thanks for posting.
Yes, although 81Dojo tries to make post-game analysis easier than other servers, doing it over the internet is always not as easy as offline games of course. So it is generally not very common for people to do post-game analysis online. 81Dojo only makes it a little easier and recommend to do analyses, but I cannot force everyone to do so.

It is not the intention of the system to let people set the schedule without opponent's consent. Clearly, there is the message sending function. So the system is designed on the assumption that people would have common politeness to ask first and then set the time.
But I see your point. Actually the same suggestion came from another user the other day. I will consider it.

One-day fixed-time tournament is a good idea. Anyone could organize that. Some mileage are needed, but you can sort it out if multiple participants organize each round in turn.

That can be done in the current system. 81Dojo supports post-game analysis, while giving the "host" status to even watchers. And teachers can also post comments to kifu after the games. It is only a matter of whether you can find such a kind teacher for yourself. 81Dojo itself does not support such pairing of teacher-student at the moment, although I have thought about it many times..