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The International Friday Afternoon Online Shogi Café (INFRA-OSC)
Jens (1120) 2017-02-12 21:42
... and a regular, every week meeting time at 81Dojo.

I want to start a new tournament format.
What about little afternoon tournaments with three games and fixed starting times. Meeting (for instance) at 3 p.m., starting the games 3.15, 4.15 and 5.15? Enjoying the feeling of real competition and the joy of the community in a dojo?

Nothing for all who want to be or have to be as flexible as possible. But may be a suitable format for others.   

This is for all of you who would like to visit an "almost face-to-face" shogi club (dojo) from time to time or even joining it. An afternoon and/or evening during the week were you know people are meeting to play shogi, to do post-game analyzing and to enjoy this great game together.

I would be happy if you would show up.
I plan to arrange meetings at the INFRA-OSC every Friday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. CET and to organize tournaments on every first and third Friday, starting on March 3rd.

You can
1)leave your thoughts and opinion here
2)join the International Friday Afternoon Online Shogi Club (which I will open tomorrow, Feb 13) in order to be discuss details and to be part of this project from the start
3)register for the biweekly tournaments. The first one(s) which will be announced officially at the end of next week

Let`s enjoy to play shogi, to learn this game and to share and spread its beauty.
3: Jens (1120) 2017-02-19 05:08
Hi Kaolin,

Thank you very much for your positive feedback. That adds a lot to my motivation!

After I received no answer until today, neither here in the forum nor in personal messages, I felt that I will have to work a bit to popularize the idea before I can start a 81Dojo club. I will try to spread the idea of "fixed" meetings and tournaments both based on pns to my "opponents" at 81Dojo and based contacts in the "real Shogi world".

My plan is to start with a first tournament in March.
I will announce this tournament both here and in the official tournament section of 81Dojo. Based on the experiences with a first tournament we can then carry on with next stages, ...

I will be happy to receive ideas, suggestions and opinions.     

I will keep on showing up in the Dojo regularly, especially on Friday afternoon (yesterday I was not able to do so, because of short-term duties), but as well at other times. 
2: Kaolin (1380) 2017-02-19 04:29
Hi Jens,
It looks like a good idea!
I logged yesterday afternoon expecting to see you.
Maybe next week!
As you said, hours of meeting can be discussed to fit with other parts of the World.
1: Jens (1120) 2017-02-12 21:52
The day and the suggested time might not fit in for a lot of you. But I am optimistic that it might fit in for some of you, especially for European shogi players. May the discussion or the experience will show that later hours would work better for more people.

And it would not be painful if similar cafés/clubs will open on other days and at other hours throughout the shogi world :-)

This all sounds like very big plans for you, may be unrealistic ones? Well, I would be happy to arrange and/or to play some of those four players round-robin tournaments and I would be happy if four players will show up who like the format and who would be ready to play three tournament games on one afternoon, enjoying it.

If it will be 8, 12, 16 or more some day - then we will find ways to organize it and to enjoy this activity. This all is possible thanks to 81Dojo and the ones who set it up, developing it to a great place for shogi.   

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