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Can we have Lebanese flag?
Rida (1697) ☗1☗6☗82021-04-15 13:06
Hello, I am a player from Lebanon, unfortunately, in the list of countries, the name of my country was not there, that is why I kept the one that was at first (Japanese flag). Please add my country as I have introduced the game to many of my local friends and we are planning to play here! I hope there is a way to change the flag after I have already chosen this one.
7: calogero (1478) ☗11☗7☗22021-05-25 03:12 (2021-05-25 03:18に編集)
welcome Rida
6: Rida (1697) ☗1☗6☗82021-04-20 14:44
>>5  Hidetchi

Awesome, thank you!
5: Hidetchi (1891) ☗10☗5☗102021-04-18 22:44
Your flag is assigned to your account now.
4: Rida (1697) ☗1☗6☗82021-04-17 08:02
>>3  LoganAllan

I see, thanks!
3: LoganAllan (1111) ☗3☗5☗72021-04-17 03:38
With regards to changing the flag there should be an option to change your country under "edit profile" in the drop down box on the top right. Hope that helps!
2: Rida (1697) ☗1☗6☗82021-04-16 04:51
>>1  Hidetchi

Thank you! ^-^
1: Hidetchi (1891) ☗10☗5☗102021-04-15 23:50
We will add your country and flag to the options in a few days.