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new online tool to record your shogi games or mate problems
kmullin (1100) 2017-03-21 02:19
Here's a new online tool to record your shogi games or (check/brink)mate problems:  (Shogi Playground)

For the mate problems, it will identify mate (in one).

You can record a whole game or just the board position and just share the link with others.

It's in English and Japanese. And, you can use either Japanese or western notation and traditional or Roman letter initial (e.g. L, P, R, etc.) pieces.

Unlike an app, you don't need to install it, and it will be the same on a computer or phone/tablet. Just relies on an internet connection.

Saves as either .csa or .kif file formats. (.ki2 coming later)
And, loads from these files, too.

Also, can generate a .png image file of a board position.

Maybe useful for some?

(Created by a fellow 81Dojo member!)
9: yos (1693) ☗0☗0☗02017-04-30 16:24
I've just released the comment/branch feature. You can write comments for each move, as well as creating fork moves.


I'm still testing these features, so there might be some glitches.

Thank you.
8: yos (1693) ☗0☗0☗02017-04-15 06:47 (2017-04-15 06:48に編集)
Hi folks,

I just improved the performance on Shogi Playground.

In addition, some features have been implemented.

- Flick move
    You can move a piece by a flick (or drag n' drop) in Play Mode. You don't need to tap twice for one move. Also, if your finger goes too far, the movement will be automatically adjusted.

- Save record to clipboard
    You can copy a {CSA,KIF,KI2}-formatted record text to your clipboard.

- Snapshot image size
    You can now choose the image size from Small, Medium, and Large.
7: yos (1693) ☗0☗0☗02017-04-04 14:41
Yes, I'm thinking of implementing comments and branches, convertible into KIF Format. I will work on them this month. (if I have time...)
6: swampdog (1516) 2017-04-04 13:56 (2017-04-07 04:50に編集)
Thanks, Yos

It is really cool.  Is there a way to embed comments when sharing the game.  For example, I would like to explain the mate in 9 I missed in this position: 

Edited to make the mate in 9 position show up

5: Berni314 (1694) 2017-04-03 03:45
Hi Yos,

thanks for your very fast work.

And also much thanks for the link ( - this page is great.

4: yos (1693) ☗0☗0☗02017-04-02 13:33 (2017-04-02 13:33に編集)
Hi folks,

Thanks for your feedback.

I just created the text area for kifu on Shogi Playground ( Now you can simply paste a record and load the game!

Also, saving/loading for KI2 Format is available.

As for Shogi Wars, you can use this website to download KIF-formatted records.
(This is NOT my website...)

Thank you very much.
3: kmullin (1100) 2017-03-28 00:50
Hi folks.

It's actually not me. (I'm such a low-skilled amateur coder...)
I just was advertising since i thought it was cool.

I didn't ask if they wanted their 81Dojo ID connected with this, so i won't reveal who they are. But, i'll let them know about your suggestions.
2: Berni314 (1694) 2017-03-27 18:56
Hi swampdog,

Shogi Quest use standard CSA format and as kmullin said, CSA is already supported for writing and also reading.

Maybe it would be nice to support also Shogi Wars, which uses non standard format.
(You can use ShogiGUI/ShogiDroid for reading Shogi-Wars-games in the meantime.)
On the other side: maybe reading Shogi-Wars-games shouldn't be done by too many programs, because I assume JSA don't like that and would change the functionality to prevent it. JSA like that you pay to analyze your games on there page.

Furthermore it would be nice to have a text-box for kifu, so you can use copy'n'paste instead using files.

1: swampdog (1516) 2017-03-26 11:05
This is a nice tool, thanks for doing it!

If you would like to expand it, I'd like to be able to import games I played on shogi quest and, at the same time, convert the notation to english style.  Here is an example of the shogi quest format:

'Shogi Quest
P2 * -HI *  *  *  *  * -KA * 
P4 *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * 
P5 *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * 
P6 *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  * 
P8 * +KA *  *  *  *  * +HI *