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Brutal edge attack
swampdog (1516) 2017-04-11 10:08
By move 54 in this game I had won a bishop for lance + pawn, but my opponent began a edge attack on move 55 and I got rolled over.  Looking for advice on how to defend against this kind of attack.*1f%201e1a%2B%201f1g%2B%202i1g%20B*3i%202h2g%20S*3h%20B*3a%203h2g%2B%203a4b%2B%203c4b%201a2a%203i1g%2B%209e9d%209c9d%20P*9c%209b9c%20N*8e%204e4f%20P*9b%209a9b%208e9c%2B%208b9c%20L*9g%204f4g%2B%205h4g%20N*8b%20L*9f%20N*8d%209f9d%208b9d%20P*9e%208d7f%209e9d%20R*8h%207h7g%20P*9h%209d9c%2B%208a9c%20P*9d%20L*9a%209d9c%2B%209b8a%20S*9b&bn=haru0107(1640)&wn=swampdog(1623)&flip=true

2: ayu6 (1787) 2017-04-13 13:49 (2017-04-13 20:25に編集)
yes you got a bishop.but you have to get king to win. you didnt had it and others,but you didnt use them.another bishop did attack king,not to get others.and it is theory to attack edge in case of anaguma style.opponent has three kyosya,it is natural to attack problem,this is only a game.
1: kmullin (1100) 2017-04-12 06:04 (2017-04-12 06:06に編集)
How about at move #74 instead of moving the knight White drops a pawn on the edge:

... 74. △96歩打
75. ▲94歩 76. △同銀
77. ▲96香 78. △同桂

Gets rid of their lance on the edge?