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How to find kifu played many years ago ?
sasorii (1582) ☗1☗6☗62022-01-16 16:22
Basically, i want to use my very first kifu to see my improvement. However, for some reasons, i can not find my kifu(s) which are played 2... years ago.  
4: Yoshi0618 (1679) ☗4☗7☗82022-01-29 21:38
>>2  sasorii

I'm sorry for my late reply.
When you search your kifu, the number of kifu you can check is 300.  However, if you narrow down the date you played(example:2018/4/1~2018/6/30), you can find kifu you want.
3: shugyono_mi123 (1249) ☗0☗0☗02022-01-21 13:26 (2022-01-25 08:10に編集)
Gold class players can see kifus to only 300 times game ago,and within 60 months.
2: sasorii (1582) ☗1☗6☗62022-01-16 17:11
>>1  Yoshi0618
Well, that is a problem, because i am already a gold class member.
1: Yoshi0618 (1679) ☗4☗7☗82022-01-16 16:34
If you want to see your kifu which were played 2~5 years ago, you are required to be gold class.