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Shogi books in Esperanto
captbirdseye (700) 2022-01-30 15:21
Some folks might consider this a bit 'wacky'...

I don't know how many Esperanto speakers there are reading this forum, but I recently came across two short Shogi books in Esperanto by Ueda Tomohiko (5-dan at the time of publication):

Invito al japana ŝako. Ueda Tomohiko. Esperantista Klubo de Japana Ŝako. Tokio. 1996, 4-9900498-0-2.

Japana ŝako. Ekzercaro por progresantoj. Ueda Tomohiko. Esperantista Klubo de Japana Ŝako. Tokio. 2001, 4-9900498-1-0.

The link is here:

You need to complete the Esperanto version of the form - if you translate it, the translation software mangles the details somehow and the order will disappear into inter-galactic space...

My knowledge of Esperanto is pretty basic (!), but I just bought these, and they both seem pretty good.

The 'beginners' book, Invito al Japana Ŝako is short (70 pages) but covers an awful lot of ground, albeit at an introductory level.

I later found these comments 'somewhere on the internet':

"...there are two books about Shogi in Esperanto: Invito al Japana Ŝako (beginner) and Japana Ŝako (intermediate). Some players even recommend these over English or Japanese books, because the Esperanto books give a great overview, unlike English or Japanese books, which tend to focus on specific topics and are thus more limited, yet deeper in scope."

"The textbook Invito al Japana Ŝako, published by the Esperantista Klubo de Japana Ŝako, is very welcome, and will hopefully open to many interested people the wonderful world of this variety of chess. The book contains not only the basic rules of the game, but also comprehensive explanations of strategy and a ten-page Japanese-Esperanto-English glossary." (Translated from Esperanto by Google Translate)

Worth a look?