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Pocket Shogi Copper
Jim1492a (754) ☗1☗2☗72022-05-02 10:20
Hello, I made a Shogi Variant.  If enough people are interested I am thinking of having a tournament of Pocket Shogi Copper, where I would pay the winner a price.  The price would be a cash price sent to the person via western union via email.  Due to management reasons, I would limit it to the first 64 people interested.  If you ever play this game, always play in symbolic mode due to a program bug.  Kanji is not available yet.  I could also use an assistant that is fluent in Japanese if the tournament ever comes to existence.

 こんにちは、将棋類を作りました。 十分な数の人が興味を持っているなら、私はポケット将棋銅のトーナメントを開催することを考えています。そこで私は勝者に代金を支払います。 価格は、ウエスタンユニオン経由で電子メールで本人に送られる現金価格になります。 管理上の理由から、最初の64人に限定します。 このゲームをプレイする場合は、プログラムのバグのため、常にシンボリックモードでプレイしてください。 漢字はまだ利用できません。 トーナメントが開催されたら、日本語が堪能なアシスタントを使うこともできます。

8: ThePharmacist (1278) ☗8☗5☗92022-08-04 00:54
This looks very interesting! 
7: Jim1492a (754) ☗1☗2☗72022-07-20 10:55 (2022-07-20 10:56に編集)
6: Jim1492a (754) ☗1☗2☗72022-07-20 10:21
yevrowl, wow that was very nice of you to do that.  I think I may have a small issue.  The board does not show the pocket, and to me it seems that the started position is not documented properly.  In 1 picture you seem to have a bunch of prompted pieces in the 3rd rank.  Do you want to play a game with me to see how the game works?
5: yevrowl (1004) 2022-07-17 10:51 (2022-07-17 10:52に編集)
Made a module and template for Wikipedia:
4: Jim1492a (754) ☗1☗2☗72022-05-16 09:47
efren, Hi.  No I have not spoken to Hedetchi.  Maybe I should.  The Kanji version is a little harder for me.  I don't know how to write Kanji, and it requires me to work with the web site owner for chess variants to set up Kanji.
3: efren (965) ☗3☗1☗32022-05-15 19:52
had have you spoke with Hidetchi? (Kawasaki, Tomohide) the server owner & main programer ?
It will be interesting if you do to set it to play also here by 81dojo

Just read now the rules, and sound interesting. When will the Kanji version be available?
2: Jim1492a (754) ☗1☗2☗72022-05-03 09:54 (2022-05-03 12:09に編集)
>>1  Agt

Hi Agt, just sign up at chess variants.  It is free.  That was the first web sight where I found out about Shogi.  You are right Agt, the copper does not have to promote when it reached the last rank.  You found a bug in the program that I now have to correct.  My id at chess variants is wdtr2, so I hope we can play 1 or two games in the future.  ** note the bug in the program has been corrected.  
1: Agt (1169) 2022-05-03 06:12
This looks very interesting, I would like to try it!
Just curious, why must the copper general promote when it reaches the last rank? Indeed it would still have a move afterwards (directly backwards). OTOH a pawn, lance or knight reaching the last rank would have no moves, hence the required promotion.