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Going Beyond Basics
aref_naa (1232) 2017-07-27 18:16
I'm a bit frustrated with the current state of my learning in shogi. I'm very solid on the basics- piece movement, etc, and am fairly good (if not quick) with tsume-shogi. I'm not sure how to go about learning the middle stage of the game, though, other than following joseki without knowing why. Does anyone have tips for learning this stage of the game, or is that something I just need to lose a lot of games to learn? :D
1: gunjin (2132) ☗1☗3☗92017-07-28 03:41
I don't really know what is your actual level but there some things I would advise :
After learning the rules & finding tsume I would say the most important thing is to learn Castles and choose what kind you like to play.

Playing without understanding a joseki move is a bad approach, I recently been studying very advanced joseki and if a move doesn't make sense to me I won't play it.

Hidetchi's vidéo on youtube are well done and he explains almost everything really well so in case you haven't watch those already I strongly recommend you do!  

Then some things come along with experience especially the middle game, playing and watching other players with the same style as you (highly determined by the castle) is probably the best way to improve.

And analyzing games with better players is very important because it gives you an insight of how are they thinking!