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How to "Precontact on the Table" / Making by makoharu33r
makoharu33r (2115) ☗17☗7☗42022-06-04 19:41
<How to "Precontact on the Table">
【case1: Round-robin Tournament】
[example] You #1 vs other player #3
Your handle-name ・・・ → □ (cross-position #3)
□ (white color) → Click
Please look at the lower part.
[Set new game schedule] ▼ selection mark
You can input, when you will play a game schedule.
After the selected → Click [Propose]⇒ Send to #3 player.
"Post message"
your message to #3 player 
After the inputed → Click [post message](grey color)
※ Post massage to all players on the tourney.
Your handle-name on the Table → Click
<Precontact to you>
[Report to you] Message for other player on the tourney.
Message (green color) → Click → Precontact page
case1: When you can not play a game.
Set new game schedule again → Click [Propose]
( and post message if good.)
case2: When you can play a game. 
→ Click [Decide & update](grey color)


★How to "Precontact on the Table" / Making by makoharu33r
Thank you.