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How to search your first kifus ever?
Aaneliia (1395) ☗5☗6☗32022-08-10 13:33
There is a search limit, I can't find my very early kifus of 81dojo -.- ... does anyone know how to do it? I am very nostalgic remembering my frist kifus but I can't find them 'cause there's a search limit ¬ ¬' ....

Any suggestion is accepted XD
thnx in advanced n_n
2: keiou5313 (1814) ☗9☗7☗112022-08-14 10:41
How far back kifu you can see depends on the user's D-mile rank.
1: Toretto (1282) ☗3☗8☗82022-08-10 22:45
U should search by date. But I don't know if these kifus are on 81dojo server.