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Building the Anaguma under siege of Climbing Silver
Okami_22 (1040) 2022-09-03 11:20
Hello all,

Got a tactic question. I am currently researching how to build the Anaguma under various conditions, since I like using Ranging Rook tactics and like my games to be vigorous, I want to put my King into deep defense, such that if my opponent indeed want to break in, they will need to waste resources which I can capture and use for my assault.

However, here is the issue. I keep seeing variations of climbing silver from Sente or Gote that utilizes their Silver from the Rook side. The only reasonable counter to that Climbing Silver I found was to use a Silver and Gold General to defend the Pawn and the Rook's head. This takes away the Gold I need for my Anaguma.

Is there any other way to counter a climbing Silver than using both Gold and Silver, or should I look into a completely different plane of thinking - like instead of countering the climbing silver carry on my Anaguma and etc. (which would however result in breaking through into my left flank by the Silver and Rook).

Not asking for answers or suggestions how to beat a specific player, but I am trying to develop my own game style, and not always be forced to adopt a static rook posture because the quick to build Mino castle is full of holes and I can't be as agro in my game - needing to always take care of opponents drops into my camp. I want to forego that problem of worrying about drops against my king so I could focus on the field and where my opponent will drop their pieces for the actual fight - hence why the Anaguma.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or pointers. 
2: Gerarduv (1527) ☗13☗3☗92022-09-08 02:17
You can use your bishop to defend the line. pawn 34, bishop 33 and pawn 44 for avoiding exchange bishops. Some people play like that. You could even play rook 22. 
1: captbirdseye (700) 2022-09-03 16:05 (2022-09-03 16:28に編集)
I referenced your question on another forum, and someone responded with:

It's one of Hidetchi's videos. I'm not sure if that answers your question? The relevant part starts about 5:25 in to the video...