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Question about translation ... conversation during a game.
Jim1492a (745) ☗1☗2☗72022-12-28 13:53
I've been at 81Dojo for about 3 to 4 years.  In most cases everyone here has been wonderful.  Today I played a game against a guest, and I think he insulted me.  According to the google translator he called me "grass" a lot.  Is that a saying in Japan?  At first I thought he was saying I was cheating, and that my software was excellent.  I considered that a complement, because I was not cheating. And the software was me and my brain.  Now I know I am not a real good shogi player, but I am trying to get better.  I am about to attach the conversation.  I am person #2 and the person I played against was person #1.   So if anyone can read and translate Japanese, I would like to know what this person was saying, and why he was so angry at me?   Thank you.
2 <(_ _)> お願いします。
1 <(_ _)> お願いします
1 ソフト指しはやめてくれ~草 指し手が変わってバレバレだよ~草
1 なんのソフト使ってるの?
2 no software, it is just me
1 まあピヨぐらいしか使いこなせないか
1 何で外人のふり?
2 ソフトウェアはありません、それは私だけです
1 バレバレだって草
2 ありがとうございました
1 君が一番強い 草
1 ナンバーワンだよ
2 arigato
1 ソフト最強!
1 だから外人のふりすんなって!何でバレてないと思えるの?
1 頭が悪すぎるよ草
2 ソフトウェアは私の頭脳です
1 うわ~
1 知的障がい者だった
1 バカの時限を越えてるね!
1 かわいそうに
1 ソフト指しして楽しいか?
1 またアカウント作り直すのか?
1 自分で考えて指しましょうね
2 私は日本語を話せないことを覚えておいてください
1 もうええって!
1 バカすぎる
1 途中からソフト止めたね
1 バレバレなのが草
1 お前は本当に頭が悪い
2 負けました 試合ありがとうございました。 私のメールアドレスは です
3: Jim1492a (745) ☗1☗2☗72022-12-30 13:07
Thank you Efren for your translation.  :)  Towards the end it got very insulting in my opinion.  I posted this because I wanted to know about the Kanji  草.   And that mystery has been solved.  :)  
2: efren (965) ☗3☗1☗32022-12-28 23:03 (2022-12-28 23:11に編集)
hi I am not to sure if he/she was insulting you, as the "Kanji: 草"草 has quite a lot of translations, apparently (according to 'see link') one of them is equal to L.O.L. (Lots of laughs).

Expressions (phrases, clauses, etc.)
4. LOL; haha​ Internet slang, See also w, multiple repetitions of "w" ("LOL") resembles grass: wwwwww

Machine translators often use the first terms for the word, so it sure when used give you "Grass, weed, etc" and can for sure be interpreted as you did, insult. 

well, it (he/she) did when starting calling you 'Baka' from here:
1 バカの時限を越えてるね!
1 かわいそうに

but truly what let me know 'it' must have been a child, who definitely has no shame doing that behind the anonymous  of the netword.
1: Ryan23 (1398) 2022-12-28 15:09
Yeah, that guy was definitely insulting you.