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【電撃開催】★第6回 カジキ盃 [七段~15級] 30秒将棋選手権 0分+30秒 R
koshon (2029) ☗18☗8☗22023-01-25 08:33
【電撃開催】★第6回 カジキ盃 [七段~15級]  30秒将棋選手権 0分+30秒 R
開催期間: 2023/2/11 00:00 ~ 2023/03/22 23:30
受付締切: 2023/2/10 00:00 (日本)


<大会規定/Tournament rules>
You must be one move less than 30 seconds.
It will be held for 40 days.
Anyone can participate.
※However, new players and COM_ players cannot participate.
★○: 勝ち/Win (3ポイント/3 Points)
  ●: 負け/Lose (1ポイント/1 Point)
  △: 引分/Draw (2ポイント/2 Points)
★ - : 未対局 (連絡履歴あり/There are contact histories.)
   /: 未対局 (対局日時決定済/The match date has been decided.)
   ! : 未対局 (決定した対局日時を経過/The match date has passed)
As the day progresses, the frequency of matches will be gradually decreased.
Please proactively suggest a game day and cooperate with the digestion of the game.
The tournaments hosted by koshon, I strictly judge the “willingness to participate in the tournament”.
If you do not intend to digest the game, please refrain from participating.
Players with less than 5 games played at the end of the tournament will be excluded from the ranking.
The winner is the one with the most points.
The winner will be given the title of 【Marlin Champion】, a special avatar and 1000 D-Miles.
If the points are the same, there may be multiple winners of the same title.

I will be renewal the title avatar!
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