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KishiNitori (1138) 2017-10-06 17:01
Recently I tried to get an acquaintance of mine into shogi. I recommended her to this site and Shogi Wars. Then she told me she was hoping to find an online AI to play against, and asked if 81 Dojo has them, then I realized, the AI bots on here have been gotten rid of, and all the other online shogi AIs run on Flash (Ham Shogi, ssj, GameDesign, SDIN), which is being phased out.

There is of course the option of downloading AIs, but for introducing someone who is new to shogi, I think asking them to download straight ahead stuff like Shogidokoro (with lesserkai) might be a bit more troublesome than necessary.

So could the bots be brought back? So that there may be online AIs to play against in the future, when the other sites no longer have their Flash content phased out?

Another problem this would solve is that I usually am not able to get anyone to play with me on here with waiting for game, and while Auto-match seems to be a good idea (people talk about how Shogi Wars is good with auto-matchmaking unlike here where you wait forever and still no one challenges you) but I don't think anyone seems to use it, I waited on auto-matchmaking here for a while and still no one was challenging me. So I think bringing bots back (preferably with different levels, so some beginner-friendly ones and some for more advanced players) would be overall beneficial.
3: kmullin (1100) 2017-10-10 13:16
I see.

I guess higher ranked could offer handicap games, but it seems like there are not so many handicaps here for whatever reason. It's a good idea though and interesting types of games in themselves. I dont know why folks dont play them. 

Actually, i couldnt figure out how to create a game as Shitate and wait for a stronger Uwate player to challenge me here. I could only see how to create a game as Uwate.

Well, as i said before, i'll always play you if we are online at the same time.
2: KishiNitori (1138) 2017-10-07 00:38
Thanks for the reply.

I was thinking of non-smartphone applications for the AIs, but thank you still. I mean I personally have a lot of AIs and shogi tools to play against and analyze games, but they may not be what people who are wanting to get into shogi might be looking for right in the beginning.

The problem with me is that as a low-ranked post-beginner (I mostly stopped playing rated games since I dropped to 11-kyu though I generally always prefer non-rated), most people here are too high-ranked and I never stand a chance against people and my rating only continuously drops. Back in the early days I got a lot of exclusively 3/4-dans challenging me.
1: kmullin (1100) 2017-10-06 17:38
I never saw where the auto-match is on here? Where is it?

I like the bots, too.

I will always play you or anybody. So, if you see me when you are logged on, just challenge me. I also have this problem sometimes. I just start challenging everyone who is waiting in the Waiting Player list starting from the bottom with the 'guests' and move my way up. If no one wants to play, then put myself in the Waiting list too.

Aside from the Flash stuff, you can try the Piyo Shogi app. It has easy start levels and is free.

Piyo Shogi can save/read game records and can use the AI shogi engine for analysis too. (It's based on the K-Shogi engine, not the strongest, it's weaker than Bonanza 6.0's highest strength but stronger than Bonanza at depth=7.)