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Frequent problems: Crashing and host mode
KishiNitori (1138) 2017-10-07 00:33
The client has been crashing very frequently for me, often when I minimize the 81 Dojo window to chat with someone. I would reopen it to find that none of my inputs are registered in the window anymore, so I can't chat or move pieces, though the opponent can still do it fine.

The mobile app on Android also crashes when I want to send a message, though I think instead of requiring you to switch tabs, just allow the user to click on a blank bar to start typing, cause you don't need to switch tabs to view messages but need to to start typing, so you might as well just start typing on the same page too, using the other tab for just the kifu and chat log.

As for the host mode, my friends and I have had tons of problems with it over the years. When you press follow the latest position, you can't move pieces, cause when you do, it switches to the "analyze locally" mode and the moves your opponent is making aren't visible to you. I think there should only be one mode which is visible to both players (like in a real life shogi board) cause we've been stuck trying to perform postmortem but not having the other player see our moves for a long time.