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Lets Catch the Lion official site
KishiNitori (1138) 2017-10-07 20:52
I noticed how the old link to the Let's Catch the Lion official site is now dead. It seemed to belong to the Ladies Shogi Association. I suppose they decided to stop placing focus on it. Is there a new official site of sorts?
2: efren (965) ☗3☗1☗32018-01-04 18:30
That is not what u ask for... 

but looks like they are promoting doing events elsewhere in Japan. 

=[Quote] = Copy fro theyr Twitter account =
いっぽ 12/3(日)ゲムマ特設6
どうぶつしょうぎを楽しむ人たちのお手伝いをしています。 一緒にどうぶつしょうぎを育ててくれる仲間募集中。9/3東京おもちゃ美術館体験会  
1: efren (965) ☗3☗1☗32018-01-04 00:32
in deed, there is I just do not got in handy now...
is a blog, but doesn't have any relation his name with the game even in japanes (Doubutsu) ...
I may try to made a deep seacrh for it ...