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"81 Champion & Class Saint " 1st Tournament (maxR 2000 and over desirable /R30-60) application guideline
tomycar (2330) ☗10☗9☗62017-10-25 19:23
Would you like to watch the Big4 and Top10 players meet together and contest for supremacy in a tournament?

With such a wish, I’d like to hold a big tournament to prove who should be called the real 81Dojo champion in 2017 , as shown below. 

This is the tournament to compete for the "81 Champion" in 2017.

Those who are willing to try your Shogi ability and / or compete with veterans of many matches, please feel free to join us. 

For the participants to give full play to his / her own ability, the match duration time would be set at R30-60.
Each participant is expected to play one game a week.

In principle, those who won’t refuse post-match analysis, and have played already more than 100 R games are welcome. 
( Note: The applicants whose maxR is 2000 and over would have priority to be accepted. 
Yet, if it doesn’t reach the number limit, others would be accepted in order of arrival.)

○This is the tournament to compete for the "81Dojo Champion" in 2017.
I am looking forward to your participation from those who want to play against the veterans of many maches.
You will have a chance to try your Shogi ability, and will play the R30-60 one game at a time each 

○ Tournament Outline; tournament games by 32 players /all games Rated 30min+60sec

○ Application Deadline; November 24, 2017, 08pm(by Japan time zone)
** The reception will be closed when the number limit is reached.

○ Period; November 26-December 31, 2017(by Japan time zone)

○ Scheduled Game Date (the appointed date and time still can be changed in agreement between the both players, if needed.) 
November 26, opening
 ⇒1st round December 3
  ⇒2nd round December 10
   ⇒3rd round December 17
    ⇒Semi-final match December 24
     ⇒Final match December 31

* Please refer here for details and apply.

Although there could be still several shortcomings in this plan as my first trial of this kind, I hope that everyone who participates is willing to play, enjoys the match. 

I will concentrate on the event management if I have received application from a number of veterans of game ( maxR 2000 and over ).

In the future, I would like to make a better competition with your help.

Thank you very much.

☆☆Application Guideline☆☆
[Purpose of the tournament] This is the tournament to compete for the strongest champions of 2017 at the 81dojo site.

[Number of participants] 32 players in order of arrival (best R2000 and over desirable)

[Qualifications for participation] anyone can participate, yet please note that there could be some cases to be refused by the organizer authority, for some special reasons.

1.The player is required to have played more than 100 Rated-games as a prerequisite, if possible to achieve the best R2000 and above. 
2.The applicants are expected to love shogi purely, and to be mindful of words and deeds , to have "noble spirit" and dignity. 
3.As a public game, you will be required to take a post-match analysis, even in a simple form, and to be considerate to the spectators. 
4.By the permission of entry, you are considered to have agreed to the rules of the Convention as shown below. 
5.Unfortunately, com_players are not allowed to participate. 

☆☆Convention Rules☆☆
[Game rules]
1.In principle, it conforms to regulations of Japan shogi Federation and the 81Dojo rules. 
2.If "repetition" etc. are approved, both players confer, and the rematch should be done before the next designated match. 
2-1 If the adjustment of the rematch schedule is not settled, the gote of the repetition match is the winner. 
2-2 In the case of the Nyugyoku shogi, that is to say, a situation in which both Gyoku are found in the opposite zone, the final principle shall be based on the "win Declaration" application of the "27-point declaration method" indicated by 81Dojo. 
2-3 In case of " impasse by mutual agreement", it should be declared as a "repetition" match in the cell immediately after one side’s resignation. 
3.If unforeseen circumstances occur during the period of the event, the organizer will make the decision to settle matters. 
3-1 In making such decisions, we promise to comply with the principles of faith fairness and to disclose them. 

[Game schedule]
1.Specify a match date in advance from the organizer. (maybe on Sunday) 
1-1 If the designated date is convenient for the match, please make a decision approval procedure. 
1-2 If the date is not suitable for the match, please adjust the dates with the opponents. 
1-3 The adjustment of match date referred above has to be offered by 23:59 of the day before the designated date, by Japan time zone. 
1-4 If you decide to change we from the specified date, the next match will expire the day before the specified date. 
1-5 If no game was played, no decision made by the specified date, the "two players disqualified". 
1-6 As a rule, the allotment of a match date shall be one game per week for each player. 
2.When the start time of the game is obtained, the agreement of both (including PM communication etc.) is effective even in the non-set game as well as other competitions. 
3.They also make use of the match cell to discuss the game schedule and decide which game to set up. 
3-1 Set up a standard time zone for the start of the game, in case of alibi, which cannot be agreed upon. 
3-2 The game start standard time period is 10:00-22:00 at Japan time. 
3-3 If only one is determined or proposed and the agreement is not obtained, the decision or the proposed winner shall be. 
3-4 If both proposals and agreements are not obtained, the winner shall be the one who complies with the starting standard. 
4.If arrives 15 minutes late ( and over ), counting from the scheduled play start time, the player shall be given a “loss by default”. 
4-1 the bye should make "bye-declaration" to the table cell.  
4-2 If there is a request from the default and the approval of the bye person, the schedule can be re-adjusted. 
4-3 The date of re-adjustment of the preceding paragraph shall be until the day after the bye declaration. 
4-4 Please play the game by the day before the next designated match when the adjustment of the schedule is approved. 

[Match setting]
1.The combination of tournaments should rank in the highest R order. 
2.Depending on the number of participants, if the seed frame arises, assign it to the order of rank. 

[Award rules]
1.Winner of the class-A tournament will be awarded the title "81 Champion 2017". 
2.Winner of the class-B tournament will be awarded the title "81 Class Saint 2017". 
3.The best 4 finalists of class-A will be given preferential seeding rights in the next tournament. 
4.After the end of the tournament, one of the participants will be selected for the best game, and both opponents are awarded the title of the match. 
4-1 Participants are required to fill out this tournament topic in WSF[World Shogi Forum] within three days after the closing. 
2: tomycar (2330) ☗10☗9☗62017-11-14 19:50 (2017-11-18 19:51に編集)
At the time of the creation of the 81Dojo, it consisted of  the three Major Tournaments (81Ou, CosmOu and Aeon Saint) and four Minor Tournaments, we competed for seven Championship Titles.

Unfortunately, we are about to come to an end of this year, although one Title of 3rd Aeon Saint was revived in January - March 2017.

Although there are many other tournaments now, there is no tournament for all the official big names, which are the face of 81dojo and are symbolic.

So this time, as a festival to decorate the last of the year, I tried to plan the dream match, I report the situation to the present now.

*The official big name is the 81Dojo top page of the "Big4 and Top10", and the following 12 players fall. (title abbreviation/ Max R/ Entry player ☆ Mark)
⇒pikoty27☆R2650[2017-11]/neokdr【Aeon Saint】★R2460[2017-07]/ranshama★R2425[2017-04]/pooh3★R2349[2017-06]

Thank you very much for agreeing to the purpose of the tournament and applying immediately.

The present details of entries are as followings.
● Big4 + Top10 = 2 applicants ⇒ approved
 ○ pikoty27 R2650[2017-11] Big4, Ranking #1
 ○ icecream R2437[2017-07] Ranking #7
● Max R2000 and over = 5 applicants ⇒ approved
 ○DemonikOu R2156[2016-11] 3rd Aeon Saint [81Dojo] Tournament organizer
 ○shindouc R2149[2017-10] 9th World Masters Tournament finalist
 ○raidensiratsuyu R2104[2017-07] many 81user Tournament organizer GOLD medalist
 ○yamanohito R2078[2017-05] 1st~13th World Masters Tournament organizer
 ○jaws R2034[2017-11]
● Max R1500 ~ 1999 = 0 
● Max R   0 ~ 1499 = 3 applicants  ⇒ approved
 ○spinoza1313 R1272[2017-10]
 ○Toretto R1092[2017-10]
 ○shiba_ken R0899[2017-08]

I will make an effort to be able to favor the player and the Spectator in the future in each situation.

So, judging the current situation, the tournament is planning to change the contents as follows.

1. Reorganize by class and change to a new purpose (* Toretto's ideas are devised and embodied.)
 class A: Four MaxR 2000 and over players challenge two big names!
 class B: Three MaxR 1499 short players challenge tomycar!

2. class A summary; 7 players play games, 2 losers eliminated irregular Single method

2-1 Five MaxR 2000 and over players challenge two big names, and if all two defeats, 5th round is the final round of the championship decision and the standings.
2-2 If one of two big names is defeated, the previous four matches will combine the final match with the Championship decision in the 5th round.
2-3 If five MaxR 2000 and over players win two big names, it will be the deciding match for the champions, and by the previous four matches of the remaining five players, I will combine the final round of the championship decision and the standings in the 5th round.
《Scheduled Game Date》(*In case of a combination change) 
November 26, opening
 ⇒1st round; p-s/i-D/y-j [untill December 3]
  ⇒2nd round; p-j/i-r/D-y [untill December 10]
   ⇒3rd round; p-y/i-j/s-r [untill December 17]
    ⇒Semi-final match; p-D/i-s/r-j [untill December 24]
     ⇒Final match; p-i/D-s/r-y [untill December 31]

3. class A summary; 3 players two Even games + one "KOMAOTI" HC game with tomycar Irregular League match 
(It would be helpful if the class A is willing to accept the challenge of B-class players, but it is optional)

《Scheduled Game Date》
 1st round; sp-sh Even R/To-tomy 4-HC NR
  ⇒2nd round; To-sh Even R/sp-tomy 4-HC NR
   ⇒3rd round; sp-To Even R/sh-tomy 6-HC NR

This will be a major change from the original plan, but it will also be a consensus on the current status of 81Dojo, and the first tournament is held.

Let's enjoy the R30+ 60 game together because I try the organizer to enjoy shogi & the tournament more than anything!
1: tomycar (2330) ☗10☗9☗62017-11-06 12:11 (2017-11-11 11:58に編集)
As a festival that will become a last of the 2017year, we have set up a dream-like tournament, we will report the situation to the present as promised.

Thank you very much for agreeing to the purpose of the tournament and applying immediately.

○ The present details of entries are as followings:
  ● Big4 + Top10 = 2 applicants ⇒ approved
  ● Max R2000 and over = 3 applicants ⇒ approved
  ● Max R1500 ~ 1999 = 0 
  ● Max R   0 ~ 1499 = 2 applicants  ⇒ suspended
  ● The new-comer players [not rated] = 4 applicants ⇒ Declined
*About the four new-comer players, I have confirmed that, the Rated 100 games not played even after this entry , so already declined with a message.
I am very sorry, but it is also the first tournament by my own organization, it shall be up to the decision of the organizer.

It seems necessary to put some alteration to the plan as it likes to become an event of all eight players even if I join seven people if the situation remains like this. 
I want to make sure that at least the two big names are able to play all five games.

After confirming the status of entry until November 13, we will announce the participants next time.

By the opinions of the members of 81Dojo, I would like to manage out this tournament to be something like a cornerstone of the future 81Dojo.

I would appreciate your help and opinions.(If you have any requests and /or opinions , I will respond promptly for improvement)

My best regards.