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calogero (1478) ☗11☗7☗22023-07-14 08:17
Hello everyone, lately we have seen that people from different countries of the world have started to play shogi and this fills us with joy, seeing that the number of players outside of Japan has grown; On the other hand, in some countries there are no shogi associations, groups or federations, but we can find many players.

For this reason and with the purpose of making the community grow, we have decided to create the East Shogi League - ESL, this league will be made up of those people who live in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, but in the event that a person is originally from Mexico, Chile, etc. and lives in the aforementioned areas, you can also participate and enroll in the ESL.

We will carry out the ESC - EAST SHOGI CHAMPIONSHIP championship, only registered people will be able to participate in the championship.

We just want to grow the shogi community, guide and help all players and new players in these areas.

Welcome everyone.