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Welcome to the World Amateur Shogi Championship - WASC
calogero (1478) ☗11☗7☗22024-04-04 15:19
Welcome to the World Amateur Shogi Championship - WASC
Dear players, welcome to the first WASC, the championship is open to all countries and players of all levels.

To be able to participate in this championship, it is only necessary to register, but it would be a great idea if you could register in the group as well, this way you can always be updated with the information about the group and the championships.

The championship will be:
Round-robin / Not rated
Time zone: UTC
Thinking time 10min - 30 seconds byoyomi

The championship will begin on May 2 and will end on July 1.

The winners of the first three places will receive a diploma by email and will be able to decide if they want to write their real name or their nickname in 81dojo.

Players will be free to organize their games, for this reason we ask that they respect the rules of the championship; In the event that two players have organized their game and one of them has not shown up, the point will be given to the player who showed up. It will be the player's choice to wait a few minutes until the second player appears or not.

URL to this tournament:

URL for the group: