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Looking for a Shogi Sensei
CinkoA (900) 2019-02-06 09:46
Hello, My name is Andrew and I am looking for a Shogi sensei. I play during my down time and attempt to learn the josekis through videos presented online, but there is a limit to personal growth learning in this manner. I was hoping someone might have time to practice with me and show me some of the jousekis and practice a few lines with me. Or we can play through a game and do a post-game review. Any time you might have to offer would be great!
2: dstn3422 (1596) ☗4☗8☗52019-02-07 03:49
hi CinkoA, if you want to practice some ibisha against my 4th file rook message me, cheers
1: Toretto (1149) 2019-02-06 23:59
i can help you! send a message on 81 any time! See you!

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