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RAIRYU WORLD CUP 10min+30sec Rated
raidensiratsuyu (1973) ☗16☗6☗42019-09-19 07:34
【RAIRYU WORLD CUP 10min+30sec Rated】

Tournament period: 2019 15th Oct.~ 25th Dec.
Deadline: 30th Oct. 03:00 UTC
Displayed time zone: UTC

Everyone can participate, but 
New players and COM_players can not join.
10min+30sec Rated/ Round-rovin World Cup Tournament.
This tournament will be held for 3 months.
In short: RAIRYU WC

[About "Win and Loss"-by-default] 
There is not input by the organizer. 
Please note that.

The parson with the higher point players
from 1st place to 5th place,
Presented to D-miles: 1st 100/ 2nd 60/ 3rd 40/ 4th 25/5th 15
If the tie is the same place.