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Organized by raiden / Renewal 2020-01-11
raidensiratsuyu (2011) ☗18☗5☗42019-12-21 07:29
[Revision 2020-01-11]

【Tournaments will be held by raidensiratsuyu】
Thank you for always enjoying the tournament.
Organized by raiden / Renewal 2020-01-11

★ [81dojo Minor-Titles]
・ SUPER NOVA [MAX-R1499 and down] 15min+60sec Rated
・ SHOOTING STAR 0min+10sec Non-rated

★ Own tournaments
・RAIRYU-sen A/ B class ⇒ RAIRYU-sen
-Trial RAIRYU-sen-
① All Comer [Gold orca] 7-dan~15-kyu/ 5min+30sec Rated
② Wild Boar [R1999 and down] 10min+30sec Rated

[Closed tournaments]
・ Cheetah running at full spead Cup 0min+10sec Non-rated
・ Suiryu-sen [R1749 and down] 10min+30sec Rated
・ TENMA-sen [R1299 and down] 15min+60sec Rated
・ SUZUME [R1499 and down] 5min+30sec Rated

Please note that.


Thanks to 150 Competitions 15min+60sec Non-rated
Tournament period: 02-01 ~ 05-30/ Deadline: 02-28
Everyone can participate(but COM_players can not join).
Please come and join us in this competition attend.
Thank you.