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Kifu search function
Lusitano (2045) 2020-07-25 18:27
I have noticed that the 81dojo site has no particular search engine in each address, that would help participants in finding information like: players, kifu, ranking system, etc. This forum would be much improved with a direct search engine too.
Best to all
3: efren (967) ☗3☗1☗32020-07-28 22:13 (2020-07-28 23:04に編集)
mmmm nope. unfortunately does not have here any direct link form the forums.

But here you got those:
=> CLick onto top brow /orangish bar (where the 81Dojosmall logo is): >> 81道場 Webシステム (81Dojo Web System) >>

There are 6 bottons in green with those options and few more. \\ (^__^) //

Kifu search:

Kifu Comments;

Search Players:

Now, I can suggest to you (or anyone who wanted it handy) to add in your "Favorites" / "bookmarks" (usually pressing a combination of Short cut key in the Keyboard -PC mainly, I don't know Mac-OS.- [b] Ctrl + D [/b] )

But, also by default! When I logging in onto 81dojo, it usually open me a side window, so I always still with the main page open. ... so, going to the bottom of this, in really small "size" are all those links:

Site Map
Top page
Dojo entrance (Launch app)
About us
Terms of Use
Mobile versions
Japanese top page
Web System
World Shogi Forum
Search Kifu
Kifu Comments

My Page
Change profile
Upload avatar image
Dan/Kyu Certificate
Contact form
Search players
How to play
81Dojo Manual
Rating system
Mileage system
Online shogi etiquette
Player Info Widget
Ranking Display Widget
Rules and Manners of Shogi
Related sites
Official Twitter
Official Facebook
Shogi on YouTube in English
Online shogi shop
2: Lusitano (2045) 2020-07-28 20:01
Thanks for answering me. However, how can you reach the address you point out from this page?
I can't see any direct link here to the "front page" where links are lined up.
1: efren (967) ☗3☗1☗32020-07-28 12:57 (2020-07-28 13:01に編集)
What do you mean?
in your profile page, in "system.81dojo,com/en" do we already have those options, "kifu & Player" search. 
haven't you check it?

But, yes! I cut agree that the forum must have a search option to. I can't saw any.