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ShogiGUI - Question
Jens (1140) ☗2☗5☗72017-01-08 04:00
Hi Shogi Fans!

After I read the recommendations of BCM at Shogi-L ("BCM Games was yesterday - today is ShogiGUI!!!" - August 2016), I downloaded and installed ShogiGUI and changed - with the help of the very good instructions of Hideaki Takahashi, published at Shogi-L - the language from Japanese to English.
I looked forward to use this great program, but run into problems which I have not managed to solve, yet.

I can play a game with myself, can input games by replaying them, safe the kifu in a .kif file and load these kifu files. But most of the other this do not work.
1) I can not import any Dojo81 kifus in .kif format
2) I can not start any engine, neither to play against them nor to use them for analyzing games.
I always get - after a short while of waiting - the fault message "Intializing Error".

Any ideas how to solve these problems or any idea who could help me (as a non Japanese speaker, I am afraid) to find the right solutions?
Any help very much appreciated.


13: akira81 (1570) 2017-04-26 00:19
Hi Jens,

> Can I input and safe any kind of comments or does this not fit in to the .kif format?

You can input and save your comments.  Click "View(V)" and then Click "Comments(C)".  Now you can write your comments in the space below the board.  
12: Jens (1140) ☗2☗5☗72017-04-25 02:08
Hi Akira81!

Thank you very much for your promt answer.
I really do not understand why this has not worked before, but based on your very simple instructions it works quite well, including variants. Thank you very much!

Last: Question for now: Can I input and safe any kind of comments or does this not fit in to the .kif format?


11: akira81 (1570) 2017-04-25 01:10
Hi Jens,

1) How do I input a game which I played offline?

After you start Shogi GUI, just input your game which you played offline.  When you finish inputting, click "File(F)" and then click Save(S).  I guess you know what to do after that.  

If you want to input another game, click "File(F)" and then click "New(N)".  Now you can repeat the same thing.  

However, when you input handicap games which you played offline, it is not so simple.  I do not know what the best way is but here is what I do.  Click "New Game" and select the "Start position" of the Handicap game and click "start".  After the game starts, click "suspended" and then click "Cancel"(several times if you have to) to erase all the data on "Move" and "Used time".  Now there is no data on "Move" and "Used time" and you can start inputting your handicap game which you played offline.  
10: Jens (1140) ☗2☗5☗72017-04-24 03:00 (2017-04-24 03:01に編集)

I have to get back to the Shogi GUI subject after a while.
I have downloaded some kifus now, even from 81Dojo games (by drag and drop). I can replay these games and analyse it with an engine.

But now I am stuck with some questions which seem to be even more simple:
1) How do I input a game which I played offline?
   Do I have to do this with the new game function,
   imitating that I would play a game?
   What kind of settings I need
   (I have tried a number of time but do not find a
2) How do I input and safe variations for a game?
3) How do I input comments?

Any help would be very much appreciated.
I was already ready to change back to BCM, but the versions which I can still download from different internet sites say that the program (2012 version) is old and is not running any more.

I just need a program to input and safe a lot of kifus, including variants and exchange some of the produced files with others (who still see to use BCM). Am I on the right track trying to do this with ShogiGui?

9: Berni314 (1694) 2017-03-09 01:31

while answering an other post, I've recognized the following:

ShogiGUI can
- load Shift_JIS encoded files with extension "kif" (we all know)
- load UTF8 encoded files with extension "kifu" !!!
- unfortunately only write Shift_JIS encoded files with extension "kif" (no UTF8, no "kifu")

8: akira81 (1570) 2017-01-10 02:17
Hi Jens,

Congrats!  I was just like you at first. :D

Hi Berni314, 

Would you or someone else write and send a message in English here?  

We Japanese learn English in junior high and high school and some even learn more in college and now we can use Google translator!  I'm sure the developer can decode your message somehow. :D

名前 :Name
件名 :Subject
メッセージ :Message
画像; Image
メールアドレス :E-mail address
編集/削除キー :Edit/Delete Keywords
プレビューする :Preview
投稿 :Send
リセット :Reset
7: Jens (1140) ☗2☗5☗72017-01-09 12:21 (2017-01-09 12:22に編集)
Thank you akira81!

I have 64bit Windows(7). Re-checked everything and had to realize that the fault was of course mine. And it is a very stupid one which I just list here in order to document it for others who might be as ignorant and simple minded in computer things as I am:
I started the program from the download path and did not realize that the program plus the folders are in the path "Programme (x86)". there I found the GPSfish folder and was able to start the engine, ...

Now it works! It`s time to close this topic and to get use to and to "work" with ShogiGUI in order to improve my Shogi, enjoying the game even more.

6: akira81 (1570) 2017-01-09 07:45
Hi Jens,

Double click the file "ShogiGUIv0.0.6.7" and then double click the folder "gpsfish".  There must be 7,022KB gpsfish engine there.  However this gpsfish engine only works on 64bit Windows.  If your PC is 32bit Windows, you need to use the gpsfish-20130817.1.1-win32.exe or gpsshogi-20111117.1.1-win32.exe which you have already downloaded.  It says that all GPSshogi engines use SSE/SSE2 command so that it won't work on the old PC nor on Windows XP...oh and you also need to install NET Framework 4.5 to use ShogiGUI.  
5: Jens (1140) ☗2☗5☗72017-01-09 06:21
Hi Akira81!

I went back to as you recommended and downloaded "ShogiGUIv0.0.6.7" again. But again the download just included one file, the .exe file for the program. No gpsfish folder or file was included.

I scrolled down in the Japanese text on and found a link for GPSfish downloads. I downloaded gpsfish-20130817.1.1-win32.exe and gpsshogi-20111117.1.1-win32.exe.
I tried to add both of them to the engine list in ShogiGUI, but failed. The faukt message was "failed to start the engine" in both cases.

Sorry for beeing such a pest with this software problem.
4: akira81 (1570) 2017-01-09 05:52 (2017-01-09 07:48に編集)
Hello Jens,

If you downloaded the ShogiGUI from the file "ShogiGUIv0.0.6.7" has a folder "gpsfish".  GPSfish engine is in this folder.  I guess you can move the files anywhere you want.  It should be where you can find the files easily though.    

Good luck!