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ShogiGUI - Question
Jens (1140) ☗2☗5☗72017-01-08 04:00
Hi Shogi Fans!

After I read the recommendations of BCM at Shogi-L ("BCM Games was yesterday - today is ShogiGUI!!!" - August 2016), I downloaded and installed ShogiGUI and changed - with the help of the very good instructions of Hideaki Takahashi, published at Shogi-L - the language from Japanese to English.
I looked forward to use this great program, but run into problems which I have not managed to solve, yet.

I can play a game with myself, can input games by replaying them, safe the kifu in a .kif file and load these kifu files. But most of the other this do not work.
1) I can not import any Dojo81 kifus in .kif format
2) I can not start any engine, neither to play against them nor to use them for analyzing games.
I always get - after a short while of waiting - the fault message "Intializing Error".

Any ideas how to solve these problems or any idea who could help me (as a non Japanese speaker, I am afraid) to find the right solutions?
Any help very much appreciated.


3: Jens (1140) ☗2☗5☗72017-01-08 22:53 (2017-01-08 22:54に編集)
Hello Berni314 (Bernhard)!

Thank you very much for your answer and your help! "Copy to clipboard as KIF" in 81Dojo and paste the file into the notation window of ShogiGUI did the job in a very good and easy way. The complete game is there, even with the time used for each move. Great!

Now I have a program to save, replay and safe my kifu files. The problem with the engine is not yet solved, though. I am afraid that I am a 100% non-expert in computer issues (the same low kyu level as in shogi).

Yes, GPSfish should be included. I can see two versions of it in the engine list under tools-engine setting. But the problem might be that the download which I did based on the instructions at shogi-L did not include the engine files. It seems that if they should be saved under gpsfish/gpsfish.exe. Searching for "gpsfish" I did not find such a file on my harddisk.
Does anybody know how and where it get it and in which path the engine files for ShogiGUI should be saved?

May be I should try to do this with gikou.exe instead -  which I downloaded and extracted together with other connected files. At the moment this big engine is saved at C:/[user]/downloads/gikou_win20160606/gikou.exe
Does anybody now where I have to save the engine file (and the file ShogiGUIv0.0.6.7.exe which is in my download path as well at the moment) in order to be able to set and use gikou.exe as the engine in ShogiGUI.

Any help very much welcome and appreciated!

2: Berni314 (1694) 2017-01-08 20:32
By the way: copy'n'paste also works with German Umlaute ;-)
1: Berni314 (1694) 2017-01-08 20:28
Hallo Jens,

about 1):
unfortunately 81Dojo isn't using right kif-specification.
Further there is a change in kif format.

Origionaly, KIF formwat was only in charactercoding SHIFT_JIS and the developer didn't like to use UNICODE when I'd contacted him, a long long time ago.
So even his GUI (Kifu4Win) was able enter for example German Umlaute, there was no way to write them to KIF-file.
In the meantime, Kifu4Win also supports UNICODE - still don't know about which charactercoding is used, I'm no longer interested in it.
I don't wanted violate the specification, so I was using a new extension (UKIF) for UNICODE format.
But other programs don't take care of it.

So still a lot of programs need KIF files to be in SHIFT_JIS, while others also acepting UNICODE and (!!!) also write them in UNICODE.

It seems, ShogiGUI still accept ONLY SHIFT_JIS code!!!
This will unfortunately kill a lot of INTERNATIONAL characters (like German Umlaute).
This is indead a big disgrace about nonjapanece world.
Anybody speaking Japanese will point out this to the ShogiGUI developers, please???

Nevertheless, how to life with it?
Simply use "Copy to clipboard as KIF" in 81Dojo and paste (ctrl+v) it into ShogiGUI.
This is even much faster than doing it with files.

If you'll get an error message, this is probably the last move, for example "Time-up" used by 81Dojo is also not right specification of KIF format.
But all other moves till the last one are read.

about 2):
this is much harder to help without such less information.
(As it needs a short time, it looks like "the" program was starting, but no "I'm an engine"-answer in time. But I believe the engine GPSfish is included, which answeres very quickly.)
Do you have tried different engines and also got them working with other GUIs like shogidokoro???