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I created a new club, called as mowgiw encounter!
mowgiw (2012) ☗4☗4☗92021-02-23 11:59
Hello everyone. I created a new club in which you can effectively use me in your free time. The club is for mainly intermediate players who would like to improve one's skill and get better.
    The club system is simple and to be important focus on our private time. The club doesn't have any special event like tourneys, regular meet up, and so on. Instead of that, I am going to tell you my available schedule and I will play a game and postgame, study a Joseki, etc if you come to dojo at that time. It doesn't require any reservation, just come to dojo and then challenge me or send me PM.
     My english skill level is, as shown on above texts,  I can somehow communicate in it. Sometimes I use Google Translate as my assistant and so chat may get slow. 
    If you consider to join in my club pisitively, I'm glad and I'm looking forward to seeing you soon.

The club URL is here: