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【What is the official tournament "81Ou"?】-Tournament Overview-
raidensiratsuyu (1929) ☗17☗6☗42023-01-19 06:39
【What is the official tournament "81Ou"?】-Tournament Overview-

81Ou is Ranked Battle Format.
(It's similar to a shogi "Meijin-sen".)

Until you win the 81Ou, 
It will take at least three terms (about one year).
Even if you are strong, you can start from League-C.
Please continue to participate and enjoy the atmosphere of the ranking battle.

Only 13 challengers were selected.
The top league where the fierce players gather is...
Fighting in League-A is truly "the weight of one game".
Whoever overcomes this test becomes the true champion.

Residual Pair, Demoted from League-A and Those who won the League-C...
It can be said that it is truly "B-grade of demons".
The important thing is "The weight of one point" and "Ranking difference".
Steadily accumulating winning stars, aiming for all games.
That's what it takes to be promoted to League-A.

No matter how fierce you are, the "first step" starts here.
It is important to be able to play as many matches as possible in one match.

-Please be careful-
・Those above "R2500" can not participate.
(*After approval, you can participate only for that period.)
・Proof of your ability (to make a game) is required for those above "R2400".
・Those who use "Computer-engines(COM_)" are not allowed to participate. → Disqualified
・Can not participate with two or more accounts. → Disqualified
・Violate the rules and one's manners on 81dojo → Disqualified
*Judged more strictly than other tournaments.

Thank you for reading.