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81Dojo Club | ☗ 81道場で五級位上昇を目指す会 (5JK) ☖ Aiming at the Rise in the Fifth Kyu

This club discontinued.

Club name: ☗ 81道場で五級位上昇を目指す会 (5JK) ☖ Aiming at the Rise in the Fifth Kyu

Owner:  WhiteWizard (1961) ☗0☗0☗0

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Members: 99 players (Average rating: 1554.70)

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"The Shogi Club of Aiming at the Rise in the Fifth Kyu" has history and the tradition of 17 years.

The 12-kyu person aims at the 7-kyu, when the 5-kyu person is at the 1-Dan, it is the circle which aims over five of the grade rank of the present, and is active.
The ranked person is not seized with the grade in five and acquires study toward the height of each person and would appreciate your hitting developing instruction.

I aim at interchange and the shogi skill improvement of the member through a regular meeting from 21:00 and various shogi games every Saturday.

I focus on an impression shogi, and  skill lengthens rapidly.
It is welcome from a beginner to a ranked person. I enroll and look forward to it.

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