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81Dojo Club | 将棋大好きサークル Circle for shogi lovers!

Club name: 将棋大好きサークル Circle for shogi lovers!

Owner:  kazzy_o (2664) ☗26☗2☗2

Sub-owner:  kazzy_o (2664) ☗26☗2☗2

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Members: 317 players (Average rating: 1634.11)

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81道場サークル | 将棋大好きサークル Circle for shogi lovers!です。









Explanatory text:
81 Dojo Circle | Shogi Love Circle ~ We love shogi very much! This is Circle ~.

We are currently aiming for circle level 30 with 200 subscribers, so please join us!

Anyone who likes shogi can join.

Let's enjoy shogi together!

We will hold the tournament if we can.

It's basically loose.

It doesn't matter if you have a long-term lack of communication or if you have experienced account suspension.

However, too much nuisance (especially ranting) is prohibited, so I hope you enjoy it to the extent that it is not too vandalism. You are free to create topics.

I personally like trivia, so I often talk about trivia.
Also, since I have many hobbies, I often talk about my hobbies.

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